Tis' The Season: Our Holiday Season In Photos

The holiday season is not the easiest time for youth who have experienced life in foster care.   For many teenagers, holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving are closely associated with feelings of depression and loneliness. At Created Families, it is our responsibility to provide normalcy for our youth, especially during the holiday season. Our goal is to make sure our kids feel loved and just as special as any other kid on the block! Get a glimpse into the joy of our holiday season through photos:

Youth Leonna and Phrankie enjoying a holiday gathering sponsored by a local dance center. Special thanks to Foundation for Foster Children. 

Youth Leonna and Phrankie enjoying a holiday gathering sponsored by a local dance center. Special thanks to Foundation for Foster Children. 

Youth enjoying Holiday Craft Night where they decorated Christmas ornaments and homemade themed cookies! Special thanks to The Ocasio Family.

Summer 2015: One To Remember

Founder and President of Created Families Inc. granted eight youth the opportunity to travel to New York and its neighboring state New Jersey. While in the north east, youth were able to experience and visit landmarks such as the World Trade Center Plaza and the Statue of Liberty. They also had lots of fun exploring and learning about legendary athletes, political figures, and artists at the historic Madam Tussauds wax museum.


The city of Hoboken (NJ), hometown of CF founder, welcomed CF youth and staff with open arms. Volunteers from the city helped organize an activity filled BBQ. Youth were able to see first hand how although all of the men and women in the Hoboken community were not biologically related, they treated one another like family. Youth participated in mock interviews with host and journalist Corvaya Jeffries. They also met and interacted with three recording artists who shared their experiences with family, abuse, and overcoming adversity.

Artists: Levon "WOP" Lyons, Justice Laquan, Nitty Scott MC


Additionally, our youth and staff thoroughly enjoyed Amateur Night at the Apollo where contestants (adults and children) performed from all over the US. Amateur night was one of the first stages legends such as Michael Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald performed on. Youth were inspired, entertained, and excited to meet some of the rising stars that performed.


Youth were extremely excited to pass/visit the bakery of TLC’s hit series “Cake Boss.” Some opted to try some of the shops treats! Everyone also enjoyed having dinner at Biggies, Hoboken’s historical seafood restaurant and President of CF Maritza’s childhood favorite.


Overall, the trip was an impactful success. We are grateful to everyone who played a part in making this experience possible for our youth. For a full album of our trip to NYC, check out our Facebook page by clicking the photo below!

An Expression of Gratitude

Our brand new Thank You cards came in and it is a reminder that gratitude is extremely important. Here is a quote on gratitude that we love:

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity...it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." Melody Beattie

As we send thank you notes to volunteers, contributors, and donors; we encourage you to think about who you're thankful to or grateful for and send them a handwritten note!